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#3: Alphabet Joy!


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New Episode!

Today we're gonna go through the alphabet and general pronunciation of the German Language.Sounds like fun? It is!!

Besides the alphabet we will also take a look at how to pronounce - Ä (like "ai" in English "fair"), - Ö (kinda like "o" in English "word")- Ü (say a looong English "eeee" and while doing that, form your mouth to say "you". It should be kind of in the middle of the sound of "ou" in "you" and the long "eeee")- ß (basically a double "s", sounds in general a bit stronger than the normal s)and combinations such as- ie (English "ee")- ei (English "i")- eu (English "oy")- äu (same as "eu": English "oy")- au (like "ow" in English "wow")- sch (English "sh")- ch (two different pronounciations, watch the video and try again and again, I can't really describe that in words LOL)NOT MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO:"qu" is pronounced like "coo" in English "cool". The Q basically never really stands alone. Hope that helped biggrin

Thanks to all the new viewers and subscribers for the support and feedback! It's overwhelming and I really appreciate it!! This started out as a silly video response and became this big project, and I know it takes me forever to post a new episode, but I will keep on posting more of these!Just a few sidenotes: I will not tutor you personally, not via email and not via messenger. I cannot go through your homework. If you have questions, you can of course message me and I will try to answer them, but that's about all I can do. It takes a lot of time to make these videos, and I make them because I have fun making them.And I really appreciate each and every one of you who supports me with that.

THANK YOU!!!And since my friend was stupid and deleted her videos, no link to her channel. Sorry : )

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