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today we're talking about the first case in German grammar, the nominative (der Nominativ) In order to know when to use the nominative for a noun in a sentence, you'll have to ask the following questions:"What is that? (Was ist das?)" or"Who is that? (Wer ist das?)"

If the noun in a sentence is the answer to one of those two questions, you'll know you have to use the nominative form of it.Examples used here:"Das ist ein Apfel. (This is an apple)" and"Das ist Kiwi. (This is Kiwi)"who? - wer?what? - was?der Apfel - the appleein Apfel - an appleThe next three Learn German videos will be about the three other cases of German grammar:- Genitiv- Dativ- AkkusativI'll provide you with more explanatory questions that will help you to figure out what case to use for what noun in a sentence (and yes, unfortunately those other three cases will be even more difficult to explain and understand).

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