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Мотивационное письмо для студенческой визы
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Добрый вечер, дорогие форумчане! Очень прошу взглянуть на мое мотивационное письмо для студенческой визы, оценить, покритиковать. Буду благодарна за любые ответы-советы!

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am
writing this motivation letter to apply for a visa to be a student of Master’s
program “Computer Science”  at University
of Passau.
I have been passionate about computers sinceI was 15 years old when my father bought our first home computer, and I, with
great pleasure, started to discover it. Informatics was my
favorite discipline at school, which is why I chose Informatics as
one of my elective subject. After I graduated from school, I enrolled
in the “Computer Science and Computer Engineering” Bachelor program at
Baltic State Technical University “Voenmeh” n.a. Ustinova in Saint-Petersburg,
Russia which I finished with honors in 2005. At that time, I
obtained one more favorite field of study which was systems of automatic
control, so I decided to broaden my knowledge by doing a master's degree
in “Automation and control” at the same university which I completed with
honors in 2007. After obtaining my master's degree, I still
wanted to get some working experience in “Computer Science” so I worked as
a software developer at “Ravenstvo” for a year. In that position I developed
the software for the gamma therapeutic device. After getting that
experience I started to work in the field of systems of automatic control of pilot-less
aircraft as an engineer at “Concern Granit-Electron” where I have
been working for the past 8 years. During that time I mostly have
been using knowledge and skills which I got studying “Automation and control” and
barely was connected with “Computer science”. After years of working for that
company it turned out that there are no career perspectives for me in that
company and moreover that filed applications in the vast majority of cases are
limited mostly by sphere of defense. As I am tired of working for war and
wanted to work in more humane sphere and I wanted to grow professionally I
decided to go back to software development. After looking for a job I realized
that although I do have basic knowledge and skills in that area this is not
enough and my knowledge and skills are not up-to-date anymore because “Computer
Science” sphere is changing very fast as technologies are changing very fast.
So I decided to obtain masters degree in “Computer Science”. At the same time,
I got disappointed in Russian educational system, although it is quite
fundamental and broad,  it is quite slow
response so it is not staying up to date with cutting-edge technologies, it
has  compulsory humanity courses even for
masters programs in “Computer Science”, it is not organized good and it is
corrupted. That is why I decided to obtain that degree abroad in Germany which
is well known for its high quality of education and where education is more
practically oriented and include modern technologies.  I decided on “Computer Science” master’s
program of University of Passau as it has top place in the CHE ranking for
Computer Science master's programmes 2015-16 and a broad international and
relevant selection of modules. Futhermore, as a student, I will work
on cutting-edge research projects and Passau is perfect city for focusing
on studying for me as it is small and quiet so does not have many distractions.

After completing that degree I plan
to obtain a position of software developer in a big
international company which we have a lot in Saint-Petersburg.  I believe that “Computer Science”
master’s program of Passau University will give me a good chance to
do that because this is great opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field
of computer science, make them up-to-date, obtain experience of
working in an international team, and improve my language

Thank you very much for considering my visa application, and I look
forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully,

Circus is all around

Сообщение отредактировал Invarianta - Суббота, 26.11.2016, 19:42
Форум об изучении немецкого языка, жизни и учебе в Германии » Учеба и карьера в Германии » Поступление и учеба в немецком вузе » Мотивационное письмо для студенческой визы (Посмотрите, пожалуйста, мое письмо)
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